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Adding multiple switches to Radius

Hi !!! my network has 200+ switches (B3/B5/C5,K5) and I want to secure authentication process via RADIUS. is there a straightforward/simple way to add them to Windows IAS/NPS Radius or it has to be performed adding one switch at a time ? Could Netsight be an intermediary between the swith and the Radius ? What are the better choices ?

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If you have an Access Control/NAC appliance you can point to the NAC as your authenticating device.

You cannot use NetSight itself, but with the NAC you can configure them both for management login.

Here is an article on how that's configured.

For NPS I don't know if there is a better way other than adding them 1 at a time. When they are configured the NPS must send back one of the following fitler-IDs to allow access:

For super user/read write/read only respectively: