Cann't select user groups in authentication mapping.

  • 8 August 2019
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In the EAC you can configure the authentication rules in the AAA section. in one of those rules (Management Login) I want to configure an user group .

According to the help file ,should this be possible.

Select the Pattern radio button and enter the username, MAC address, or hostname that the end-system must match for this mapping. Or, select the Group radio button and select a user group or end-system group from the drop-down list. If you enter a MAC address, you can use a colon (:) or a dash (-) as an address delimiter, but not a period (.).

The only groups I can select are End-System Groups.

How can I select an user groups ?

4 replies

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Extra information: I cann't select LDAP user groups that are created.
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Hello Johan,

LDAP usergroups can only be used in the AAA with authentication type "Registration (Auth&Admin)".

Are you looking to send management authentications to a different authentication server based on LDAP group membership, or prevent access based on group membership?

If you're looking to prevent access based on LDAP membership the way you would do that is create a rule in the rules engine with LDAP usergroup that had an accept with appropriate management access AVPs, and below this rule create another rule for all management requests to would deny.

That way unless you're part of the LDAP group configured in the first rule you'll fall into a deny role.

Let me know if this is what you're looking for.

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I've made roles and tested a connection to a swtich and a connection to an EWC controller.

Both systems have the same EAC controlers.

When connecting to the EWC with wrong credentials , the connection is refused.
When I do the test to a switch I can loging and have user rights.

Did I forgot something?
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I"d have to take a look at the configuration.

If you look at the Alarms & Events --> Events --> Type of "NAC" or "Access Control Engine".

When you login to the switch and the controller take a look at those events. Did they hit the same rule?

Does the rule they hit indicate they were returned a "reject"?