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customization of NAC Gateway captive portal

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a lot of my customers love the NAC Gateway captive portal because of the flexible ways to implement guest user authentication for wired AND wireless networks.

A big advantage is that you can uses text placeholders (variables) which can be translated to different languages and can be written in HTML. So with this HTML the page is very "customizable" !
But this is also a big disadvantage because you need very deep HTML Knowledge.
Additionally is is very circumstantial and uncomfortable to define / try the html commands with the needed wording and to see how i will be later display to the guests.

To do this in reality it need a lot of steps: open portal settings within NAC Manager --> change settings (wording / formating / html tags) --> save --> close the portal config screen --> enforce --> try the website --> open portal settings again --> do other changes ...
Till the captive portal is nearly in that state like you want it to have, you have to go through this steps many many times !

Are the any tips and tricks to do this easier and faster? Pleae let me know.

It seems to me that for this demand a WYSIWYG Editor for the (NAC Gateway) captive portal is needed!

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Nobody out there who customized captive portal on NAC gateway ?!
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if you use "Advanced configuration" then the window is not modal => you do not need to close it, you can save the changes and enforce your settings.

You can also open the https://NAC-GW/screen_preview and see how all those web pages looks like => you do not need to go through the registration process.

I saw some plans to improve the captive portal design on the roadmap => our development is aware of this and will make it more EASY in the (near) future. (of course subject to change without notice)

I have seen a lot of heavily customized captive portals with our NAC...

good luck!

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Hi Pala,
thanks for your advice with using "advanced config".

i hope the plan of a more easy setup come true nearly with the current customization flexibility!