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Detecting an active session per user connection on IdentiFi

  • 3 March 2016
  • 1 reply

We are currently implementing an IdentiFi solution where the users there connected authenticate via a FreeRADIUS in order to get access to the network. The authentication is working correctly but what we want to do is limit the connections to one user per device, meaning that if a user has already been authenticated and connected using a laptop for example, the user can not do the same again using a different device, until disconnected from the laptop.

We are using FreeRADIUS as it is working fine, but we can't achieve configuring that restriction or identifying when a user has already an active session with a device, and can't open a new one with another one.

If somebody knows something or another way of achieving this, we'd appreciate some ideas and help.


1 reply

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The setting is called Simultaneous-Use

Take a look at the following reference site....