EMC (Netsight) 7.0 - Fortigate - RADIUS Accounting-Response

I wan to configure my EMC (netsight) 7.0 to sent RADIUS accounting-response to Fortigate
I wan to manage users on FG to access internet by groups.
Is it possible to do that whitout OneFabric if there is such possibyllity please write how to do that


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Hi Marek.

Here is a video =
Here id document =

I sent you email with contact to local team.


well ok

movie is presentation of the final effect, but what i want to know is how to configure netsight /nac to sent RSSO information (about the users) to Fortigate, and how to configure FG to get and understand those informations

the document contain only info how to do that by using OneFabric or something like that - my company has't that solution i have only starndard version of Extreme Managment Suite (7.1) - NMS-250. also my company bought about 10x X440 switches and its about to buy another 12 units.
its pretty important for me to enable that kind of feature.

2nd thing

Extreeme documentation example:
page 952
point 2 - what kind of access policy should be add to Nac profile - how i should configure it?
point 4 - ??? group should has the same name on FG Netsight (nac) and Radius (NPS)
point 6 - which interface ? the on from netsight siute vlan? the on that user use it? which one the on tat correspond to the internet?
point 11 - what shared secret? from netsight ? from Radius (NPS) shoud i first go to netsight and configure there som aradiuse accound with sheared secret and that password will be the one ?
point 13 why do i need to configure Radius serwer 1st and then RSSO agent?
pints from 13 to 18 are tottaly incomprehensible

that manual is one big misunderstanding

pease help to resolve that issue
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You still need Onefabric Connect for what is listed in the manual.
Brian Anderson wrote:

You still need Onefabric Connect for what is listed in the manual.

how much 4 the feature?