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Extreme Control behind a firewall

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Currently looking into running a NAC behind a firewall and looking into this GTAC post:


Which says the following:

Populate /appdata/nat_config.txt in NetSight Server with NAT mapping of NAC(s)

But the nat_config.txt file is blank, so I have no reference as to what I should enter into that file that constitutes a ‘NAT mapping’, so just wondered if anyone within the community might know.

Many thanks in advance.

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Think I've found the answer:


Will post back if I get it working
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How were you checking the content of the nat_config.txt file? I'm not sure it should be blank:
captain@spock.vulcan.local:~$ cat /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/nat_config.txt
# The nat_config.txt file is used to configure NetSight to work in a NAT
# environment. The file maps local IP addresses to their remote IP address.
# A local IP is defined as an IP addresses of system on the same side of
# the NAT firewall as this server and a remote IP address is defined as the
# corresponding IP address of that end system on the other side of the NAT
# firewall.
# The format for each line should be: =
# EX:
# # Some note or description.
# # Some note or description.[/code]
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Hi Kawawa,

Odd, yeah, the file was completely blank 0KB.

I've since edited it now, so it has the single entry in it, was running a fresh OVA installation of XMC version

Thanks for the info anyway.

Will post back if it works.