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Extreme Control Registration System Administration admin login

  • 25 November 2018
  • 3 replies

I am trying to enter the Extreme Control Registration System Administration (https://nac_IP/administration) web page.
I have checked in Extreme management the Admin username and password, I have also added a new Username and password with admin profile, but still it doesn't matter what I enter in the form, I am not able to go past the username and password login form.
Any ideas?



3 replies

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Try the following...


Thank you for your tip. Those were the first credentials I tried to no avail.
They do work on the root page https://nac_ip:8443

but not in https://nac_ip/administration.

I also retyped it in the Administrative Login Configuration (see below), but still cannot login.

There must be something else I am missing...

Never mind, maybe I figured it out.
I enforced the policy on the engine and also checked "Force Reconfiguration for Captive Portal", now I am able to access the /administration page.