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ExtremeWireless: How to authenticate users from two AD domains using NAC?

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Hello, everybody!

I have C5210 controller configured to use Internal captive portal and authorize users in MS-RADIUS (NPS) from Active Directory. Now it's configured only for xxx.local domain. Everything works fine, but now I have to configure also authentication for users in EDU.xxx.local domain.

So, I have installed NAC and it is accessible over NAC console from Netsight (both are 6.3.x). The problem is there is no manual for NAC, just a short document "LDAP_Host Verification for BYOD.pdf" for Enterasys from year 2012. Is there anything more recent and full? Some step-by-step guides?

I've found this topic - https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/nac-manager-ldap-integartion-with-sub-domain but it seems there is some difference between 6.1 and 6.3 of NAC&Netsight.

Could you please give me a link for a suitable manual or help to fill the form below?
The 2nd question how to make controller to authenticate users over NAC?

I can provide all additional information required. Please, help!

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The online help is not that bad but sometimes it's hard to find the right things.

If you've no prior experience with NAC I'd strongly suggest to either attend a official class or pay some partner (like me) to configure it for you and also give you a short workshop to cover basic configuration steps.

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Hello, Ron!

There are several fun things, which are usually normal with Extreme Networks:

1) I have no prior experience with NAC (like 99,9% of russian IT staff)
2) There are no NAC courses availaible in Russia (or you have to gather together at least 5 visitors for a course and this is almost impossible because of lack of interest)
3) I am a system engineer from a partner company
4) Still there is no adequate manuals for the Software

Could you please tell me, how do you appraise your man-hours and its total cost for this job?

Thank you!