How to backup NAC configuration

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Hello, team,

I've lost my portal settings and want to know how could I backup NAC?

Many thanks in advance,


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with "lost" you mean someone changed it and you have no clue what was set ?

There is no specific NAC backup - all the config is included in the XMC backup.
i.e. I've messed up my NAC during an upgrade in the past and what you do is just delete the NAC VM and deploy a new one with the same IP/SNMP and then do a sync from XMC and everything is fine again (beside some unique settings like a local certificate).
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in the old versions there was option to backup only NAC (java NAC-Manager -> menu). in the 8.X you have NAC config as part of the XMC backup.
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Hello, gentlemen,

I design NAC portal interface and sometimes have to get back to previous design versions. Now I have many notepad's files with HTML/css code but it is not very comfortable, as you understand.

Once I've changed default language in Look&Feel from Russian back to English and lost all my changes.

If I backup all XMC, may I partially restore it? Only NAC, for example?

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You cannot partially restore an Extreme Management Center backup.

There is a feature in the Java NAC Manager application that will allow you to take a NAC configuration backup, and you can restore that backup, but you would have needed to take this backup prior to losing the configuration.