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How to configure a Splash page in ExtremeControl (NAC)?

  • 9 April 2019
  • 2 replies

Hello everybody

I'm looking for a example to configure a captive portal as splash page in ExtremeControl (NAC)

A customer of me has a Identify Wireless network with splash authentication working for there Wireless Guest.
Now we starting with configuring ExtremeControl in there network, and we want to move the splash page to ExtremeControl. so we can control the Guests who authenticate via the splash page
But the is no preconfigured splash page available in the captive portal aria of ExtremeControl.

My question is: has anybody a configuration example available for me?

2 replies

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Hello Rien,

I believe you would have to begin with the user guide: https://emc.extremenetworks.com/content/oneview/docs/control/access_control/docs/portal_config/l_ov_ia_captive_portal_config.htm
You could go to Access Control configuration, and for Captive Portal features you'd have to select Guest Web Access or Guest Registration feature, then you'll be free to customize the feature so it would only require AUP acknowledgement. But how about putting some more security over there?

If you need more assistance with that, let us know. I've no problem with doing some remote session on this.

Hope that helps,
Hello Tomasz

i take a few month but than-you for your answer,
I will study the user guide information, configure the guest web access and inform about the results.
The security issue i discussed with the customer but he wants a splash page and not registration of the users.

thank you again