How to replace NAC appliance certificates via OneView

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Because of have currently no java client at my support PC i am searching in OneView how i can replace NAC Appliance RADIUS certificates.

Does anybody know where i can do that ?

In legacy Java tool i have to choose "Appliance Group" - right click on regarding NAC appliance and the "Manage Certificates".

Or is this not yet implemented in Netsight 7.0.3.x ?


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Matthias, I checked with development to confirm. This is supported in NAC Manager only for now.
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Netsight starting with V8.0 support this now:

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Be Aware of this, it is buggy in my opinion, when you upload new Cert it removes any previous Certificates you have , very dangerous.

the only correctly working way to add (append) Certificates is through NAC Manager.