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IDE 9.4 - how can I add an MDM enrolled device to an IDE group

  • 18 June 2018
  • 2 replies

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I tried to add the Mac Address of an MDM Enrolled iphone to a Device Group so that it would follow a new policy I am writing. To my surprise, IDE 9.4 would not allow this. Is there a way to add MDM enrolled devices to an IDE group so that authorization rules based on a group are supported? I am trying to add the Mac-Address to a group. The application here is IoT so username is not an option.

2 replies

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Brian, as far as I recall it is not possible to associate an MDM enrolled device with any other groups.

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Thanks for the update. We ran into this in lab testing. While we are not looking for this capability currently in production, I can see where this could be a problem in the future.