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nac authentication google sign in

  • 28 November 2016
  • 3 replies

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Many schools in our area that do not have AD are using Google Domains. Is there a plan/is it possible to use Google to authenticate users for the NAC without additional servers?

i.e. a way to point NAC to Google for AAA?

3 replies

Interesting idea. This might be worth a look. http://cloudessa.com/solutions/using-google-apps-for-wifi-authentication/
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Interesting idea. This might be worth a look. http://cloudessa.com/solutions/using-google-apps-for-wifi-authentication/Thanks, I did see that solution, but we were hoping for a solution that did not incur extra cost to the end customer...
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Hi Bill, Google Authentication is planned and was recently posted as an idea in this thread:

You may want to vote and follow that thread for updates.