NAC - Configuration Example for H3C (Comware) Switches?

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Hi community,

does anyone of you has experience with HP (H3C) Comware switches? I have an upcomming PoC with NAC. So I'm interested in how to configure dot1x and MAC authentication. The aim is do MAC Auth and Dot1x on the same port.

Unfortunately Google shows only a few examples and from what I read till now there are different ways to configure it with different results. So maybe if someone of you already implemented NAC into an H3C enviroment we can share experiences.

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There isn't any documentation I can provide specifically for HP Comware deployments but I have seen and worked with these devices before with management attributes and general configurations. They are compatible with the Extreme NAC solution using RFC 3580. I found an article that may help with the configuration, it was made with an E4506 which I think is an HP Comware device.

Check out:

If you run into any issues I would suggest creating a case with GTAC for further investigation.