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NAC display no information device type/ family when host has static ip

  • 23 August 2019
  • 7 replies

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I have printers with static ip adressen. I mis the information device family and device type.

Is it possible to get this information ?

7 replies

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Hi Johan,

NAC needs the information in the DHCP packet to present the device type/family....


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So I have find out the fingerprint of this device and add it in XMC
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If you have EOS or XOS-G2 switches, it can even resolved, when nodealias is enabled.
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I have XOS G2 switches

I have enabled nodealias. But this is so XMC can resolve fixed ip adresses.
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The Device Type can be set by API call = if you know list of your printers then the device type can be updated.
If you have Extreme Analytics involved then we can update the device type based on information from Analytics: example if the device does talk to the print server through the port 9191 then it is printer...
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How does it work with the api call ? We have Extreme Analutics but most of our printers are printing with port 9100
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  • There is plan to have analytics based profiling very soon = official feature
  • Today you can define your own application "Printing" based on application fingerprint. Periodically check clients using your application "Printing" and change the profile by API call. This can be done quite easily by workflow or scripts inside of Extreme Management Center
here is example of RestAPI call: https://MyXMC:8443/axis/services/NACEndSystemWebService/setDeviceTypeByMAC?macAddress=80:D6:05:4A:D6:C4&deviceType=Nokia-Brick&isAccurate=true&reason=Profile_changed