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NAC down in NAC Manager but up in Console

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NAC down in NAC Manager but up in Console. suddenly our NAC are down in NAC MAnager.

please see attached screenshot

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Hi Marlon,

Please check the below article and let us know if this helps.



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Hi Suresh,

Thanks. NAC and Netsight are in the same network and no firewall in between . Windows Firewall of Netsight is off, also no update of Netsight or NAC.

we already restarted the NAC and Netsight but no avail. we also cannot connect using SSH to NAC
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Hello Marlon,

You can ping the NAC appliance, and it's responding to SNMP but you cannot SSH to it?

Are you able to get console access?

If so try the following commands:

See the status of the NAC:
nacctl status

Check disk space:
df -h

Attempt the following commands:

nacctl restart

Also, attempt to get to the NAC using the following URL:


try username: admin
password: Extreme@pp


password: Enterasysn@c

I would highly suggest creating a ticket with GTAC for this.