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NAC Manager - VR-Router Name cannot be editing

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i want that NAC Manager (Netsight) configure the RADIUS on my EXOS Switches (X450-G2 V16.1.3.6-Patch-1-7). But i cannot change to Virtual Router Field to VR-Default - i get only the error below:

if i use vr-Mgmt it will be accepted - but this is wrong.

Does anybody know this error message ?

What needs to be changed that VR-default will be allowed ?

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Hi Matthias,

How the switch is configured with Netsight , is it via mgmt or default IP ?

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The switch is managed by VR-Default!
Any advices how can i set the RADIUS to VR-Default ?!
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In 7.0.3 I can change the virtual router of an already added switch to VR-Default or VR-Mgmt and that works. In 7.0.4 I get the same error as you see.
If you delete the switch and add it back to NAC (control ) with VR-default does that work ?
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Hi Oscar,

it seems that there is a sleeping bug in the software. i use Netsight V6.3.0.179.

I delete the switch and reenter then i got a little different message:

i think i open a case to clarify...
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Hi Oscar,

could it be that this error occur if the switch have already a radius config ?!

i ecpect that if i define the value this will overrite the already configured settings.

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Hello Matthias, maybe because it already has a config but I think there might be something wrong in NAC. I think you should log a case so this can be handled properly and fixed if it is a bug.
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Case Number: 01242213