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NAC: return vlan name without ID

  • 30 July 2018
  • 4 replies

In order to go around a problem we would like to return the vlan names only instead of the name and the ID. This is possible with other radius servers, but I cannot locate it within Extreme Control.
Has anyone done this before using Extreme Control?


4 replies

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When you add a switch to Extreme Control you can change the radius attributes to send.
One of the options is RFC3560 Vlan Name, that should return only the vlan name and not the ID.

Thx for the reply. That one will work if we just need to send the name to one of the switches.
However, we also need to create some vlans on this switch using Fabric Attach and then one vlan to be send back only the name.
If I am correct we need to create a new custom radius attributes to send and add the options to allow the vlan name and to create the vlan with the i-sid. And just leave blanks where we need them to be.
Or can we add multiple profiles in the radius attributes to send to one switch?
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Hello Yves, you can create a new profile and create/add your own attributes to return.
Thx for the confirmation Oscar.