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NAC Saint Configuration and Access, and greater than eight character password

  • 13 October 2017
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I'm just in the process of configuring access to SAINT on NAC, which I have followed the process and all seems to work, but...

When entering the password for the 'Saint' and 'Admin' accounts I entered a password more than eight characters. I can log into the 'Admin' account fine but not the 'Saint' account, you get access denied.

There is a message though against the 'Saint' account that says the following, which I am assuming is the problem:

Your system does not support unique passwords longer than eight characters. Install Crypt-PasswdMD5 1.3 or higher if you need this capacity.

You can click on the link where it takes you to the file, where you can download it.

So my questions are:

  • What is the process to install the Crypt file?
  • Can i use the sudo apt-get install xxxx to install the file, perhaps to the latest version?
  • How do I re-edit the custom_policy_editor.pl file once its run i.e to remove an IP, add and IP, change the passwords.
When I run the script again to try and change the password, say too eight characters, I get the following error:

bind: Address already in use at ./custom_policy_editor.pl line 1578

There might be more arguments then just the -r -h that is listed in the NAC help, but trying to use help on the custom_policy_editor.pl isn't producing any further information?

Many thanks in advance

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