NAC seeing MAC authentication as PAP on some Windows End-Systems

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Another mysterious problem...

Testing a deployment of NAC (6.3) on a B5 environment (latest FW), for some odd reason, some ESs are displayed using PAP as authentication on NAC Manager while others shows MAC(PAP) as used (and worked well in NMS 5).

They don't use Machine Authentication, just MAC (for Workstations) and 802.1x for users.

I'm getting a lots of calls about ESs with problems connecting to the network, and almost in all cases, the refered ES shows authenticated by PAP. The only way to make it work again is to disconnect the ES network cable and reconnect it... Now the user can logon and work...

I've already created a rule to PAP auth exactly the same as MAC(PAP) auth, just to NAC apply the appropriate role to the ES.

It seems to be a Windows problem, but it worked before the upgrade to 6.3 without issues.

Any ideas?

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I would suggest to capture the radius authentication requests and compare those two = MAC(PAP) and PAP.

You can also enable debug on the NAC-GW and see what is in the log then.

if the radius request is correct in both cases => the NAC is guilty.
If the radius request is different in each case => the switch is guilty.

You can always contact GTAC for help.