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NAC with third Party wireless solution

  • 16 August 2016
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We are in the process of deploying a Extreme NAC solution with a third part wifi Solution (Fortinet Enterprise - Old Meru). The solution requires us to return specific radius attributes. When I add the "switch" as a NAC client I can select from the predefined radius attribute list or create a new one. Some of the radius attributes refer to %custom% attributes. For example the client wants to return the custom attribute only when a andriod device connects to the system and the attribute needs to be "name-vlanID" ie "staff-112" Where on the rule do you specific the custom attribute to be returned?

2 replies

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Hello Andre,

Check this article out:


The profile that is assigned to the rule has a policy mapping, inside this policy mapping you can use the Custom fields to put in attributes.

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Thx Ryan just what I needed.....