How to configure nessus server for assessment? Is it pre-installed on NAC, or we need to install it separately? Or if it's pre-installed, how to configure it?
Why this one is not described so widely like all other types of assessment?

My project is to provide cloud wifi to provide BYOD service to end customer, and project need to to combine external LDAP server's, generating user/password for 802.1x access via captive portal (firewall friendly) and providing assessment as user will login to 802.1 network

Does someonem, why have already implement such solution, can share experience? A little bit?

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If you have purchased the NAC-ASSESS-LIC
You can use the built in application Saint, and or externally configure use of Nessus - if you have purchased that application.
Both are agentless assessment tools that will scan devices. They are not productive if the client has Windows Firewall or other similar applications installed. That is why agent based installed on a pc is a more secure solution. However in some public portal environments, that is not practical either.
To read more about implementation of Nessus or Saint, the help pages in Netsight are your best bet.
Here are some sample searches for Saint and Nessus

As I understand you, Nessus is not a built-in and need to be bayed separately . or, second option, we can purchase additional license for Saint. Thank you, it's makes clear, many things.
I will necro this post to add that there is no support now for SAINT 8.x. Will there ever be support for this? I have been told for at least 2 years that it's on the roadmap. 8.x has been out for almost 3 years, if I'm not mistaken.

has anyone ever gotten saint 8.x to work?