problem with netlogin authentification on Ip phone Mitel 6865i/6867i


I will try to be the more explicit on my problem because i'm starting with extreme products.
We have one customer who has decided to implement netlogin by an other company and some problems occurs like IP phones that are disconnected (Mitel) and i see many logs like:

01/16/2017 07:24:23.23 [i] Slot-1: Network Login user 64B9E8BAC682 cleared due to link down event, Mac 64:B9:E8:BA:C6:82 port 4:2 VLAN(s) "Ordinateurs"
01/16/2017 07:24:23.21 [i] Slot-1: Port 4:2 link down

We use X460-48p (Stack) with image according to extreme support case.

I don't know really how to troubleshoot this on extreme, i see there are a lot of options like netlogin port restart .. but i need some help on this subject to know a right config.

I think maybe as the FDB cleared this IP phones are unable to retrieve config as they are not often used (1 in meeting room, the other in a local).

Maybe it's the hardware model of phones?

If you have experienced this problem could you help me on the subject?

Thanks you

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Hello Eric, welcome to the Hub. That particular message indicates that the link legitimately went down (which in most cases clears a netlogin authentication). configure netlogin ports restart will enable the network login port restart feature on a network login port. This allows network login to restart specific network login-enabled ports when the last authenticated supplicant releases, regardless of the configured protocols on the port.

Thereby it should try to re-authenticate.