Using Azure for NAC Authentication

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Are there any plans for using Azure for NAC/Extreme Control Authentication?

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Using the Active Directory hosted on Azure? Do you have Windows clients on your LAN that login to the Azure AD?
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Our customer is moving from on-premise Active Directory to Azure on-line Active Direcotry. We currently have NAC deployed with .1x internal certificates. We’re going to need to transition them to their new Azure solution. We can go with all MAC Auth, but I was wondering if there was an Azure solution, or plans for such.
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Hi Bill,

here is the response from product management:

In general, I will say that yes there are plans to integrate with Azure as a repository for user identity. Be aware that there are multitude (three as far as I recall…) of possible workflows as advertised by Microsoft. We have yet to explore our direction and use cases. With all that said, no commitment is made at this time for the possible type of integration and timeline.

It's possible to use NPS in an Azure against Azure AD Domain Services, so I imagine it'd be possible to hace NAC in Azure authing against Azure AD Domain Services directly or via NPS, then VPN RADIUS back to site.
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Also our customers request NAC in MS Azure Cloud!
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We also have a number of K12 customers that would like to authenticate via their Google Domains...
G-Suite for Education supports the recently released Secure LDAP, so you could try authenticating via that.