I am trying to add an AP to Hivemanager, but get this error: 02301509161252A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.

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Thank you for that serial number, could you try adding the device one more time for me?

It worked now. Thank you for your fast response :)

I have a similar problem but with a Switch SR2124P

The following devices failed:

  • 21241306030062A stake record of the device was found in the redirector.

Could you, please, give me a hand?

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Hi Meneses, that device should be free to add to your inventory now. Please let me know if you have any further issues adding this switch to your inventory. 

Hi Sam, Thanks for your help.

I was checking the equipment inventory of my client, and I have a few issues. 

  • 20261312060098 The device appears to be in use by another VIQ. (Aerohive SR2124P)
  • 20241304070130 The device is not supported. (Aerohive SR2024)
  • 21241306030062 Device already onboarded (Aerohive SR2124P)

I really appreciate it if you will help me.



Sam, I need the last help.


Do you know the default administrator user and password for those types of equipment?


Kindly Regards


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Hi Meneses, I will look in to those three devices for you but could you confirm the first serial number? An SR2124P switch will usually have a serial number starting with 2124 so I just want to make sure we have the correct serial number for your devices. 


For the second device, I’m sure the SR2023 switches are supported in XIQ so I would recommend opening a support case for that error message as that is something our engineers will have to fix for you. 


For the third serial number, can you make sure you don’t see the device in your device inventory (making sure all filters are cleared)? If you don’t see it in your inventory, unfortunately you’ll need to open a support case for that issue as well so our engineers can find the conflicting record causing the already on-boarded error you’re seeing. 


The default credentials for all HiveOS devices (except the SR22xx and SR23xx switches) should be:

Username: admin

Password: aerohive


If the switch is using an older firmware version, you might also want to try the password “Aerohive1” without the quotes, or “administrator”. 


I really appreciate your time and efforts. 

I confirm the first serial number. I´m sending you a picture of that.

For the other 2 devices, I will talk with the

client to see if He wants to buy technical support.





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Thank you for that picture, I was able to free that device up for you so you should be able to add it to your device inventory at this time. Please let me know if I can help with anything else. 

Hello, I am also having the same issue.  My device is 01301504300375 and I’m getting the  “01301504300375 A stake record of the device was found in the redirector” error when I try to re-add this device to my inventory.

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Hi Rburg, that device should now be free to add to you device inventory. Please let me know if you have any more trouble adding that AP to your inventory.