Incorrect Static IP or Gateway in client monitor

  • 2 September 2020
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In client monitor / diagnosis tab seeing the error Incorrect Static IP or Gateway.  When I do a show client-monitor info I get the following output for the clients in this deploymeny


problem ID:0x00020002(Wrong-static-IP-or-Gateway), interface:wifi1.1(ifidx=17)
    count:3, last detect: 79360(s) ago, first detect:Mon Aug 31 08:03:36 2020

Now the clients are connected and reachable and  have the correct static IP address and gateway and subnet mask configured.    The odd thing is this is only happening in one deployment but we have others with static IP addresses.

1 reply

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That sounds like something our GTAC team will need to look in to. I would suggest opening a support case and including the following data:

  • The client monitor output you referenced
  • SSH in to the AP the client referenced in the error is currently connected to, run the command “show station” and attach that output to the case
  • A screen shot of the static IP and gateway settings for the client having the issue
  • A screen shot of the static IP and gateway settings for a client that is not having this issue 
  • Note any differences between the working and non-working clients, like OS, location, user groups, approximate age of client devices, etc.