Link aggregation/network loop handled by 410c?

  • 5 September 2020
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Have ap410c access points and am considering the use of both eth0 and eth1 in aggregation. eth0 is used for POE. Question is, does the aggregation just work automatically by the WAP ensuring there are no loops or does the access switch have to be made aggregate aware?

There seems to be suggestions online that with something like an ap250 for example, this was all done by the access point automagically, presumably using two different virtual MAC addresses. In other words, the access point ensures there is no network loop.

I have Cisco access switches. So my assumption is that I can simply enable two trunk ports on the switch as though there are two different trunk devices hanging off it, and then let all VLANs of interest flow on both eth0 and eth1 on the wireless access point. I also suspect I set both interfaces as “uplink ports” in ExtremeCloud IQ device template.

Any comments?



1 reply

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Hi Tom,

It will not aggregate automatically on any AP model I believe.

Within the AP template, click both eth ports > assign > advanced actions > aggregate

I believe you’ll also need STP at the switch to ensure there isn’t a loop.