Motorola RSF compatibility

  • 13 October 2020
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In the firm where i work we are making a new storage room.

In the ‘old’ storage room we have 12 acces points (Motorola AP6521) that are connected to a Motorola RSF 4000 wireless controller.

Now for the new storage room w'd like to add new acces pionts that are compatibite for our RSF 4000. Does Extreme Networks have AP's that are compatible for an RSF 4000? since Motorola no longer makes AP's and i heard that Extreme took over the Motorola AP’part.

The RSF is on Firmware

1 reply

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The RFS4000 has moved over to Extreme Networks along with the Motorola/Zebra WiNG AP portfolio. 

With your firmware version you may have a very limited choice if any at all to add to your deployment. The AP6521 can go up to firmware 5.9.1.x (RFS4000 controller as well) so you may want to upgrade to this version in order to have a wider range of APs to choose from. 


Here’s a link to the release notes for firmware in which will find the supported APs. You should be able to add APs from said list to the existing deployment.


General link to release notes:


Link to latest supported firmware for the WiNG APs:


I hope this helps