Does this mean my connection is dropping? If yes, who do i figure out why?

  • 4 December 2019
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Moment of honesty, several of my coworkers and I are playing Call of Duty online. We all randomly get disconnected from the game. Although we're playing a game, a lot of users are complaining about having an unstable connection to our wireless screen sharing devices. I looked at my in HM and I see the screenshot below. Does this mean I'm dropping and reconnecting to the same AP? What can I do to figure out why?

4 replies

We are having the exact same issues. We have been dealing with dropped connections for over a month now. Their technicians have made changes and made things worse; we call support and get voicemail after sitting on hold for an hour today. After changes made, users have to be directly under the AP for it to produce the captive web portal. Before it would work in a classroom that is 30 feet away. I am still trying to get a technician to revert whatever changes they made.

From the screenshot attached, the majority of the time you're on the same AP so potentially your client device is choosing between the interfaces, though there could be other things such as different SSIDs and other environmental factors. I'd try making that AP 5GHz only (if it's not already then only use one interface) and see if that has any effect on it.

Also which AP are you using?

I'm using AP650s. I disabled the 2.4g radio. Haven't see any improvement.

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Any luck?