Encryption setting issues - AP122 running 10.0r8

  • 29 March 2020
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I've been using Aerohive for years at work, and have also purchased a couple AP122 for my home. Now that WPA3 is available, I've been trying to do some testing, but things aren't going well.

  • On my primary VLAN / SSID, I have it configured in WPA3 transition mode, and things connect, but nothing can connect at WPA3. I have at least 1 machine that has a WPA3 supported card (Intel AX200), with updated drivers, running Windows 10 b1909, but it just won't use WPA3.
  • On my other SSIDs, when I tried to change them into WPA3 transition mode, all the connected devices lost connectivity complete, and the only way I could get it back was to switch the SSID back to Auto(WPA-WPA2)-PSK. Setting them to WPA2 only did not work, although HiveManager states that the devices are connecting using WPA2-PSK

I'd really like to get WPA3 working correctly, and be able to (at the very least) configure the other SSID's for WPA2 only, since WPA-TKIP is unsecure and I'd like to disable it.


Thanks for ANY help.

1 reply

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I'd like to get a look at the connection details, would you be able to enable auth debugs, try to connect to the primary VLAN with WPA3 mode enabled using the Intel AX200 device, then pull tech data and send that file along with the MAC address of the Intel AX200 device to me at


This guide reviews how to enable auth debugs:


This guide reviews how to get tech data from the CLI of the AP: