Hive Manager CWP Self Registration User Data

Hi. I have a use case where I need to report on the information entered by users on a self registration CWP. Is this possible?


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We created a solution for this without the need of a log server. All the registrations are kept in a database and we can do a redirect. You can define which fields they need to fill in. You can contact me at


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Unfortunately we do not collect this information for privacy reasons. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful here.

Thanks Sam. I assume that we cannot report on anything that is enter on a self reg portal then, specifically the comment field?​

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That is correct.

Just out of curiosity, is this information used for anything, or is it entered by the user and then discarded?

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It isn't used for anything or stored. The idea was that this option allows users to login with credentials that they know, for their convenience. As far as a network admin is concerned, it's essentially an open SSID.

THEN WHY EVEN HAVE THE OPTION? Yes, I am yelling. What a waste of time to set up and then find out you can't even review the data. I want to associate MAC address with the students using my network. There is no privacy concern. I am only collecting first, last and email (that we issue). Where does Aerohive get off telling me it is a privacy issue. The laws vary so much by state, even despite fed regulations, that it should be up to us (the client) to determine this. Thanks for nothing Aerohive. Smoke and mirrors.

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Just to bring this thread up to date, we still don't collect information on Social Login CWP options (facebook, linked in, google), but we can see general self registration information in the buffered log. You can also see this in the user record that is created in the HiveManager, under Configure> Users> Users (left hand side menu).


@John Fox​ , to address your use case, you will be able to see what MAC addresses use what credentials to sign in to the network, under Monitor> Users. If I misunderstand what your goals are, my apologies, please let me know and I will do my best to help you.

@Sam Pirok​  Maybe I have a different version of Hivemanager? I do not see Monitor>Users. I have clients, but the data does not include what is being captured so in effect it is meaningless. All I want is to have a user connect to an SSID (let's call it simple) and capture a few key data points with their entry. When they connect to Simple, they hit the CWP and enter, first, last and email. I then want to cross reference their email or other field to find their MAC. hive

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You are correct, I was describing HiveManager instead of HiveManager Classic, sorry for the mix up. For HiveManager Classic if you go in to Monitor> Clients> Wireless Clients, you should be able to see the user name they logged in with and the MAC address of the device they are using. For example, from my lab:



And you'll see the user information under Configuration> Expand the left hand side menu> Advanced Configuration> Authentication> Local Users.

Great, thanks. It seems as though it wants me to turn up a radius server? That is something I want to avoid.

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If you're trying to implement MAC auth (where the user doesn't enter a password but their devices MAC address is automatically submitted as the username and password), that does require a Radius server. However we can build the Radius server on the AP itself so you don't have to set it up on your backend network, this guide reviews the set up for that:


Is that what you were try to do?

Possibly. I will read through it this afternoon.

All I need it to have the user enter their name/email and have the portal associate it with the MAC that is connecting. I don't care if they enter John Smith as their name and as long as it ties to a specific MAC address. I can deal with the entering of their real name instead of a fake name in other ways.

I read through it. In the end it kind of does what I want, but it really could be simpler than Aerohive is making it. User connects to SSID, it takes them the CWP. They enter their name and email. Hive records that data along with the device MAC address. Done. I can then review the wireless clients to scroll that data I am looking for.

We created a solution for this without the need of a log server. All the registrations are kept in a database and we can do a redirect. You can define which fields they need to fill in. You can contact me at