Latest AP230 & AP121 HiveOS Firmware

  • 14 November 2019
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Good evening,


I need the latest recommended HiveOS for an AP230 and AP121.

They are currently running 8.1r2a.178408 & 6.5r11.216370.


I believe we have a support contract but struggling to retrieve the details for this.


Are you able to send across the latest firmware for both of these access points please?


Many thanks,


10 replies

Hey Tom,

You can download all firmware from this support site!! Just look up and slightly to the right for the "Downloads" button : )


Latest available

AP121 - 6.5r12

AP230 - 10.0.r7a

I don't have a support contract associated with my account, so can't download it unfortunately 😞

The AP's are managed within the HiveManager Cloud there any way to download the firmware directly into the cloud dashboard?


From within XIQ (HiveManager) you can navigate to "Manage" and select the device you would like to upgrade and then select "Update Devices" from there you can choose to upgrade the firmware to any version you have available to you.


Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.51.08 AM

Thanks Keith!


I see slightly different to your screenshot....


So I don't have any available firmware to update to..


You're running HiveManager Classic and I'm running our 3rd gen cloud platform Extreme Cloud IQ (XIQ). Migrations are free as long as you have a valid support subscription for the devices you are migrating and if not we do offer XIQ Connect which is a free version of our cloud management platform...


How to register for an XIQ account (upon first login you can select a licensed version or choose to use the free version "Connect")


How to migrate from HM Classic to XIQ

Sorry, I missed that last link...


How to migrate from HM Classic to XIQ

Thanks Keith, thats very helpful. At this moment in time we'd just like to get the AP's updated to the latest recommended firmware. I've no experience of AeroHive, but was hoping that all firmware was automatically downloaded into the cloud dashbaord, similar to Meraki model, which could then be pushed out/scheduled to AP's.

Any firmware that is available to you is automatically loaded into your instance to be pushed to the devices. Depending on your licensing there might be a version or two that is not available to you, but you can get to a similar screen as I posted by clicking this link to see previous and current versions.

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 11.10.24 AM


What part of the world are you in Tom? We periodically host free certification classes throughout North America that would be great for you to attend to learn more about us and get some hands on training. Also, find our channel on YouTube.

Many thanks for this Keith! Have now updated the AP121 (the AP230's had the latest available firmware).


We're based in the UK, but will check out the YouTube channel.


Thanks again!

this video is "private" sais youtube, can I even watch it?