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  • 18 February 2019
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I have a question about two options for the AX radio profile on HiveManager


"Radio Load Balancing", this will distribute clients between the two radio's in Dual-5GHz mode. Should this be enabled or will the load-balancing between radio's work fine it this is disabled? I believe this depends on the fact if a client sees the first beacon from radio A or radio B, right?


"Enable Downlink OFDMA", why is this option greyed-out? Isn't this enabled by default in the 802.11ax protocol?

10 replies

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Radio load balancing is only recommended when you have several APs within one large room, such as a cafeteria or auditorium. As long as the APs are within the same 4 walls, the load balancing feature will help distribute clients evenly throughout the room. For APs not within the same 4 walls, there are other settings that help balance clients between the APs such as the data rates that are accepted or declined.


The Enable Downlink OFDMA feature is only applicable for the AP 630, 650, and 650X, are you working with one of these models?

Sam, I believe your confusing AP/Client load balancing for radio load balancing. AP load balancing typically falls within your recommendations. Radio load balancing was implemented to ensure that on an AP with both radios running on the 5 GHz band that a single AP did not have all of the clients connected to it while the other radio had little to no users.


Radio Load Balancing: Distribute 5-GHz wireless clients evenly across the two radios when they are in dual-5G mode when an SSID is available on both radios.

Number of Connection Attempts: Enter between 1 and 10 connection attempts per client before the AP stops attempting to move the client to another 5-GHz radio. Default is 5 attempts.


As for the OFDMA, I do not have an answer as to why that box is not selectable. Even creating a brand new Radio Policy not applied to any hardware you cannot select that checkbox.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 10.24.59 AM

Thank you Sam & Brian,


Thanks for testing the Enable Downlink OFDMA feature. Is it possible for you to further ask/investigate the purpose of this feature?


As for the Radio Load Balancing, this applies to our end customers' AP650's. They will mount one in the center of a classroom. Would it be useful to activate this feature?

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Thanks for keeping me honest Brian, much appreciated! You are correct, I was talking about a different feature, my apologies. If the 650 has both radios set to 5GHz, it would be good to have this setting on so the client load is evenly split between both radios on the AP. If one radio is using 2.4GHz, then this feature will not help, but we could use Band Steering settings to help even the client load out in that case.


I will have to dig in to the OFDMA feature a bit more, but I'll get back to you as soon as I know more.

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@Sam Pirok

Do you know more about this “Enable Downlink OFDMA” option? It’s still greyed out in latest IQVA for our AP650 and no word of it in the online help.


Just found this:

Does this mean, that it’ll be enabled in a future firmware update for AP650?

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Hi Daniel, the OFDMA feature is enabled for me in my lab, are you looking at an ax Radio Profile? 

OFDMA can take a Wi-Fi channel and divide it into smaller frequency allocations (known as resource units (RUs)). This enables an AP to communicate with multiple clients simultaneously by assigning them to specific RUs. OFDMA can choose to either allocate the entire channel to a single client or sub-divide, depending on current level of traffic. However this can only be done with the latest 802.11ax devices. 

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Yes it’s an ax Radio Profile for AP650, which is a supported device for that according to the info text next to this option.

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Right, it should be available for you then. I think you might want to open a support ticket since I can’t replicate that in my lab. If you can let me know the case number, I can update the case with my lab notes so they know what has been tried so far. 

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Is this maybe a not yet available feature on IQVA? I guess you have the cloud version in your lab.

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Yes, you are correct. I just checked our on prem lab and it is greyed out for me there. This will likely be part of the next on prem update.