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 Some devices are unable to see all the APs broadcasting the same SSID (just a part of them): how may I solve?

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marco.tarquini posted 01-07-2022 03:44
Hi all,

I'm a Connect user and since yesterday I'm facing an odd behaviour.

Some wifi devices (like some Huawei tablets, Nest appliances) were suddenly disconnected from the APs they linked up to then, and since then they're are no more able even to scan some specific APs.

I guess an image may show this oddity more clearly than my words (given also english isn't my language).

Phones and tablet at same location cannot see the same AP

I may add some close-ups if data are not readable (of three APs the tablet see only two at the same location: even if I shut down the "common" two and put the tablet just a meter far from the last AP, it's still unable to see it).

Summarizing, currently those problematic devices are unable to see the presence of some AP models (particularly AP250 and AP550), while they can connect to older ones (AP370 and AP130) on the same SSID.

Given that the network policy is the very same for all these APs, I can't figure out what's going on, or where should I look for any possible configuration inconsistency. 

Have you any clue about this problem?

Thanks in advance for your understandings

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Sam Pirok
Aer you using device templates at all (usually you can see this within the network profile or the device specific settings on the Monitor> Devices page)? Also are the APs using the same Radio Profiles (this is separate from the SSID in use)? There are two settings areas that could possibly affect which clients can connect, I'd recommend checking both of these first.