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 Unable to install License on ERS 4950

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SRD90 posted 08-21-2021 09:54

I am trying to install the ERS fullAdv license on one of the ERS 4950

i registered the MaC

downloaded the license xml file

My switch is on 7.5.x sw version

yet, I see the below 

“License download failed - license file Signature Validation Failed"

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Paul A. Leroux

There was a change to the license generation process that requires a new minimum software version of the switch. 


Here is the KB article.  Its the exact error message you are getting.Note that the KB says that you need to be at v7.5 or higher.  But if my memory serves you need to be a version higher than 7.5.



I would upgrade to 7.7 or higher and try to load the license again.

We are now at 7.9 for ERS4900/5900


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Thanks for replying. This standalone switch is currently on v7.8.1.055

Yet it doesnt take the .xml license file

"License download failed - license file Signature Validation Failed"


show sys-info

        Command Execution Time: 1970-01-01 07:53:51 GMT-06:00    UTC time: 1970-01-01 13:53:51
Operation Mode:        Switch
Enhanced Secure Mode:  Disabled
MAC Address:          
PoE Module FW:
Reset Count:           2
Last Reset Type:       Management Reset
Power Supply 1:        AC-DC-12V-54V-1025W
Power Supply 2:        AC-DC-12V-54V-1025W
Power Status :         1- OK 2- OK
Autotopology:          Enabled
Pluggable Port 49:     None
Pluggable Port 50:     None
Base Unit Selection:   Non-base unit using rear-panel switch
sysDescr:              Ethernet Routing Switch 4950GTS-PWR+
                       HW:21       FW:   SW:v7.8.1.055
                       Mfg Date:20181027    HW Dev:
Serial #:              
Operational Software:  FW:   SW:v7.8.1.055
Installed software:    FW:   SW:v7.8.1.055
Operational license:   Base Software
Installed license:     Base Software
sysUpTime:             0 days, 13:53:25
sysNtpTime:            NTP not synchronized.
sysRtcTime:            Monday 2005/03/28 21:40:51
sysServices:           6
sysContact:            WIAPP Network Service Line
Stack sysAssetId:
Unit sysAssetId:       CW102597

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Paul A. Leroux

if its still not workingI would open a ticket with GTAC.