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Jose Chaves posted 01-21-2022 12:32

I have virtual VOSS running on Virtual Box.
At this moment, I have:
   VSP Simulator: Virtual Services Platform 8200
   VSP Operating System Software Build


   Extreme Access Platform 1100
   VSP Operating System Software Build

Is there a version of a 8200 platform with version 8 for virtualbox?
I can’t configure a cluster with the 1100 platform.

For simple tests virtualbox or vmware workstation is more pratical than GNS3.

José Chaves
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Sam Pirok
Hi José, thank you for reaching out. I looked in to this for you but unfortunately it looks like GNS3 is our only simulator. You can deploy GNS3 on a virtual box; we post a .qcow2 format image which can be converted to a .vdi image. This page explains how to do this, just in case you're interested. 

The latest VSP8200 GNS3 images are posted on GitHub, but it should be noted that they only have control plane support, no data-plane support.




Hope that helps!