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 Rule per Role on ExtremeCloud Appliance

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lhernandez posted 12-02-2021 15:37

Does someone know how many Rules per Role supports VE6120 Virtual Appliance o where could I get information about this?

APs managed by this are AP310i.

I have tried to get information on Extreme Networks documents, but I have not found nothing.


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Ronald Dvorak

just a assumption but I'd say 64 = the same as the Identify solution > https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrArticleDetail?an=000090082
But to be sure the save way is to just create a new role and add rules till you get an error message :-)

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Hi Ronald.

Thanks for your help.

Yes it is and starting from ECA and later, you can assign 256 rules for WiFi 6 APs.