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 Migration advice - HP ProCurve to Extreme

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eby posted 08-17-2021 10:58

Hi All,

Need your thoughts/advice required;

We have couple of old FastEthernet HP ProCurve 48port switches(PoE & non) and Cisco 3750G as the core, with 2Gb uplinks to the core. The current HP switches have lifetime warranty till 2100.

On L3, a standard default route, one or two policy based routes and few ACL are in place.


What will be the budget friendly series in Extreme ?. to have the following features,

1, 48ports, stacking and sfp+ uplinks.
2, Full power poe budget (740W).
3, On-premises monitoring/management/configuration software with built-in NAC.
4, Should provide automatic priority for Audio/Video, including VoIP and Teams/WebEx/etc.. kind of traffic.
5, The usual spanning tree, loop detection, jumbo mumbo, etc….
6, Ability to read transceiver(especially edge switch) info via cli/snmp/management software.

At the core, we require few copper and sfp+ ports for firewall, other networks, uplinks - e.g something like - VSP4900-12MXU-12XE.




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Sam Pirok

Hi Eby, I think this might be a better question for our sales team, they can tell you exactly what equipment will meet your use cases and what the budget options would be. If you can tell me your general location, I can find a local sales contact for you to speak with. 

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Hi Sam, I appreciate your inputs, I really am looking for inputs from users who have upgraded/migrated from HP/Aruba during the last 2years. Thanks.

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Hi Eby,


I’m gonna be biased, have you thought of X440-G2 perhaps? Then XIQ-SE for Mgmt/NAC. Audio prioritisation might require some config per AVB chapter in the User Guide.


Hope that helps,


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Isn’t X440-G2 having combo ports instead of full 48 + 4uplink ports ?.

I was looking at 5420 for access and VSP4900 for core along with XIQ.