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 Worflow : Send email with multiple outputs

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COUTURE Theo posted 11-24-2021 08:45
Hi all,

I'm trying to create a workflow in which I would connect to all switches to retrieve ports which are not included in netlogin.
My goal is to create a HTML table with all the devices and the ports and send it to myself.

But it seems that in the workflow script, you can either have input for devices/ports or without ( I presume mainly to do stuff related to NBI, API, ...)

If I go for a input with all the selected switches, how can I retreive all the ouputs of my switches at the end of the script ?

Else if I go for the script/workflow with no device selected, how can I do an emc_send() to a specific switch ? 
I already tried to get my switches from NBI and rewrite emc_vars["deviceIP"] and then do emc_send() without success.

Any ideas or workaround would be much appreciated.
Thank you all,
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Zdeněk Pala Best Answer
each activity can create its own output and store it to the filesystem = executed in concurrent.
then the next activity will read all files and combine it to one output
the next activity will send the email
the next activity will wait 60 seconds and then delete temporary files

Take inspiration at ERS port counters at GitHub
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Thanks ! That was exactly what I was looking for !