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 upgrade ERS 4800 from standard image to secure image

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Del Bullion posted 12-14-2021 17:38
ERS4800 switches stack standard image: v5.9.5.052 (diag FW:

Trying to upgrade to the secure version 4800_5126007s.img.

When upgrading to any secure version upgrade fails.

What do I need to do to upgrade from a standard image to a secure image?
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Ludovico Stevens
Fails in what way ?
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Paul A. Leroux
I assume you are getting the download image fail message.
There are a few things you can try.

1- Always use Firefox when downloading images from the extreme site.  Other browsers try to extract the file or rename it.
2- Always check the MD5 checksum to make sure the file was downloaded correctly.
3- If you are using a USB key. make sure the ERS can see the USB file system.  "Show usb-file".   
4- if you are using TFTP make sure any firewalls on your laptop aren't blocking its ability to share files.