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 ExtremeNAC/Extreme Control presentation - for presales

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TomP posted 10-09-2020 20:17

Hello all,


I’m wondering if someone had some presentations regarding ExtremeControl (ExtremeNAC or whichever name is current for this product). We were asked by a client to present Extreme’s solution along with Cisco ISE, and I would like to give Extreme equally good presentation, at least, and a fighting chance. Unfortunately, so far I haven’t been too successful in finding material. By material I mean tangible things (like use cases - real world, pros vs the current competition, mostly technical but also from economical standpoint). Youtube has been informative, but if there are some official slides, or a whole presentation which lays out beforementioned facts like use cases and advantages over competition I would be really grateful for your help. It’s an enterprise client, with some remote locations (think offices, not retail locations), so how would you go about “selling” ExtremeControl vs ISE.


Thanks guys.

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I would request this to the local Extreme SE.


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Thanks Miguel, we did that, but we got this assigned kind of last minute, and I need it by tomorrow, so I thought better to ask here. I think every product should have sales/presales documents in it’s “Document” category. This is something that Cisco does really well, and Extreme could emulate it as well. 

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Dave Weal

Hi, There is some detail which will help on Partner Engage at this link: We are also launching a new EDS Security and Access Control course in the next 2 weeks which will help this type of request. Dave