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 10 Gbit Agregation ports SSA

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Nano posted 08-16-2021 13:39

Good afternoon dear, my name is Evandro Guimarães and I'm one of the members of the IT team of the Figueira da Foz District Hospital, located in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. The reason that leads me to contact you is because we use some Enterasys equipment, namely the SSA-G1018-0652 Fiber Switch model (frimware

In our restructuring, we need to create redundancy between equipment, to ensure network continuity in case of equipment failure, so we need to make the aggregation (LACP) of two ports 10Gbits so that you can connect 2 switches in a stack, so we have no loop.

The problem is that I've seen dozens of articles, and even, following the respective manual of the switches, we are not able to perform the aggregation, ie, the switch accepts all commands, but the port LAG does not appear with the associated ports.

The commands are as follows:

set port vlan tg.1.1;tg.1.3;lag.0.10 500 modify-egress

set vlan egress 500 tg.1.1;tg.1.3;lag.0.10 tagged

set lacp aadminkey lag.0.10 100

set port lacp port tg.1.1 aadminkey 100

set port lacp port tg.1.3 aadminkey 100

set port lacp port tg.1.1 enable

set port lacp port tg.1.3 enable

When I do the check, the result is as follows:

show port status lag.0.10

Eventually, if I make the enquiry through the door I have no associate!

At the moment I don't have the fibres connected, is that the reason why they don't show up associated?

Can you help me, the forums don't have valid solutions.

Thank you for your attention and I hope for a brief reply.


Best regards

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Stefan K.

Ports are only listed as attached if

  • they are up
  • the remote side is configured correctly for LAG/LACP

Your LACP config looks fine! I’m unsure about the VLAN config. I think the first command configures the VLAN as untagged on the port and the second one configures it as tagged. Is this what you want?

Best regards

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Hi Stefan, thank you for your reply.
I think so, because I need both ports that would be aggregated, are part of the global communication, ie that all ports aggregated can communicate naturally with other ports and other vlans on the same switch. I hope this is correct! If I am doing something wrong, please tell me.

Thanks again and regards