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 Have to log in twice when using Extreme Portal to log into the community

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James A posted 03-19-2021 07:49

I log in to this community through the Extreme Portal link, and due to timeouts I’m not logged in to the Extreme Portal, so I have to enter my username/password there. Afterwards, I get redirected back to the community but I’m not logged in. The second time I log in, I click on the Extreme Portal link and it goes there and since I’m now logged in there, it redirects me back here and I’m logged in successfully.

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I have the same issue

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I also have this issue

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Same issue here, I thought it’s because of some privacy plugins I’ve installed few weeks ago. ;)



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Ovais Qayyum

Same issue here, I need to log in multiple times to eventually get to the thread. It keeps taking me back to the main Portal page.