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 Remove meter on X440-8

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Mark Valpreda posted 05-11-2022 15:54

Set this up so long ago and lost my notes. Trying to either update or remove the meters on a few ports. Removing would probably be fine. This is the internet switch and was in place when there was only a 100mbit connection, now it's 1Gbit, so these rules are not as needed.

This is an X440-8t on ExtremeXOS version v1531b4-patch1-19

# Module acl configuration.
create meter CSA_15Meg
configure meter CSA_15Meg committed-rate 100000 Kbps max-burst-size 100000 Kb out-actions drop
create meter Guest_85Meg
configure meter Guest_85Meg committed-rate 180000 Kbps max-burst-size 180000 Kb out-actions drop
create meter PVI_15Meg
configure meter PVI_15Meg committed-rate 50000 Kbps max-burst-size 50000 Kb out-actions drop
configure access-list Guest_85Meg ports 2 ingress
configure access-list PVI_15Meg ports 3 ingress
configure access-list CSA_15Meg ports 4 ingress​

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Oh Hi Mark,

To remove configuration, you generally read the commands from right to left and negate the first word with an obvious counterpart (IE add/delete, configure/unconfigure, enable/disable).

For meters, there is a 'create' and 'configure', and this meter is referenced in your ACLs. So to undo, unconfigure the ACLs and delete the meters. No need to unconfigure the meter if you're going to delete it.

unconfigure access-list <ACL> 
delete meter <meter>

Hope that helps!