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 Device won't connect to WING WLAN.

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johan hendrikx posted 11-20-2021 03:40
ExtremeWireless Identify firm:
ExtremeWireless WING firm: V7.6.3.

Encryptie: WPA-PSK WPAv1 TKIP only WPAv2 auto
Radio mode: b/g/n

Encryptie: WPA-CCMP
Radio mode : b/g/n

Devices: RF terminals of Zebra on 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz
Mini computer CSL z3736f only in 2.4Ghz. Support only WPA2 personal / Enterprise.

All RF terminals connects to the Identify wlan and the WING wlan.

The minicompter connects to the Indetify wlan but not to the WING wlan.
On the minicomputer I checked the wlans with the cli "netsh wlan show networks" No wlan of the WING is seen.

What is the issue that the minicompter don't see any wlan of the WING envoirement?

how can I troubleshoot this?
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johan hendrikx Best Answer
Solved: Issue was that the device had open updates of windows drivers.