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 ERS Management Login Via ExtremeControl

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Martin Flammia posted 02-28-2020 09:42


Currently followed this article in configuring management access for ERS switches:


Believe the important step is to make sure the “Passport-Access-Priority” attribute is set. The packet capture below from NAC shows it is sending back the RADIUS accept with the attribute set to 6:



I created my own custom RADIUS attribute as was previous using the ‘RFC 3580 - VLAN ID” and could not see one that used the same values plus the one the article talked about. There is one pre-canned ones that come close but was not exactly the same:



The other thing that is slightly different is the article mentions setting it to “Management Login”, but I need to do RFC 3580 VLAN ID for 802.1x authentication, so have it set as per below:



My question is though, if I’m sending what seems to be the correct RADIUS attribute with a RADIUS accept, why is the switch not letting my login?

The switch is an ERS 3626GTS


Many thanks in advance


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Ryan Yacobucci Best Answer

Hey Martin,


Try sending Service-Type=6 and let me know if that fixes it.




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Martin Flammia

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting back. That did work!

Need to do a little bit of a play, but assume as the article specifically mentions the passport attribute its needed as well?



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Ryan Yacobucci

Hey Martin,


To be honest I’m not sure. I’ve seen some ERS switches require Service-Type instead. 


I’m thinking maybe the passport access priority might control read-write vs read-only in some version of ERS? We would need to investigate further to provide an official answer.




Miguel-Angel RODRIGUEZ-GARCIA's profile image

Just for info, the passport attribute is for ERS8600 (running VOSS), the ERS running BOSS uses Service Type attribute.