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 How does XMC decide what interfaces to alert up/down

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bar posted 12-15-2021 07:23
Can anyone tell me how XMC decides which ports to include in the "Alarms and Events" page?

Our installation correctly notifies us of uplink port status changes and generally correctly doesn't inform us of user port changes.  However occasionally it seems to get it wrong and will report a user port going down.

I cannot see anywhere that this is configured.  Can anyone help?

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Adrian Orellana Best Answer
The command to disable/enable traps when a port goes up/down is:

# enable snmp traps port-up-down ports <port_list>​
# disable snmp traps port-up-down ports <port_list>​
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Thanks Adrian Orellana .
Sorry for the delay in replying.  We don't get many of these messages so it has taken a long time for one to come through.
We do normally configure our edge stacks so that only the uplink ports send up/down traps (as per your email, but for ERS switches- different syntax)

What has happened is that when another switch has been added to a stack the ports for the added stack were not configured to stop link up/down.

It turns out to be a good way of spotting badly configured added stack member!