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 Upgrade of IQ Engine and Extreme Cloud IQ On Premises

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tobias.berndes posted 05-05-2020 10:16



I recently opened a new support case at extreme networks because of a few interference problems and client connection issues in our network. Finally i was told that there should be a new firmware upgrade for the Extreme Cloud IQ On Premises and apart from that for our networks.

So in our network we are running the following software and versions:


ExtremeCloud IQ Virtual Appliance

Build Id: 2020-03-11-20.23.43

Build Version:


AP Model

AP 130

IQ Engine 10.0r8


So obviously i am not able to find new firmware upgrade software packages for the mentioned software above. I am even not able too find anything here abount the AP 130 .


So actually since the migration from Hivecommunity to extreme portal, the transparency went worse.


Where can i find the respective new firmware upgrades for the AP 130 IQ Engine and especially for the Extreme Cloud IQ On Premises Software?

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Ash Finch



Both your APs and On-premise version are the latest versions currently.


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yeah but i was told that there should be a newer version, something like,

so even if they aren’t visibile or available yet, in which download are i could find those download packages?

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Ash Finch would go against the traditional AP OS naming convention, the next version should be 10.0r9 by normal naming standards. Of course they may have changed this, but I’d be surprised!

Downloads can be found here: https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrSupportHome but as I say the versions that you have are the newest.

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Yeah i also was confused of the naming convention and i also agree with you. I guess it should be something like 10.0r9 as you said.

This is the message from the support case, you see what i mean:



4/30/2020 1:20 AM - Self Service User


Thank you for the information.

We just find out that this is a known issue and we’re going to release a bug fix, ETA for the fix somewhere around 5 May 2020.

Will inform you once the fix release in portal for download.

Besides, will transfer this case to CET time zone support. Thank you for your patient.

Best Regards
SY Choo




So it could also be, that this update will arrive within the next days but what i mean is, i am not able to find the download area of the AP 130 (see the following screenshot)



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Navigate to “Support” → “Support Portal” → “Downloads” → “Downloads Home” and search for example for “AP130”.

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The release has been delayed and didnt get published as planned on the 5th of may. But it should be released shortly for download.

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Is there any news here? It would be nice with any kind of update.

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there is a update available now: https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrProductDetail?id=01t2T000004typSQAQ



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Hello again tobias.berndes

Im just wondering if you did get access to a new firmware with the bugfix update of Cloud IQ. Im guessing the Cloud IQ update didnt solve your original problem?

I dont see any new firmware being available for AP130. I would be very interested in that since we have over 1000 of them and we are stuck using really old firmware.