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 SLX Cluster Options (8720-32C)

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Deepak Sharma posted 03-11-2022 03:22

I dont see much docs for SLX-8720-32C, but assuming to make cluster we have to use MCT.... (No EFA Pls)

As I am new to extreme, just wanted to be sure is there any other technology which can be used to make cluster of 2 switches.
(Like in Juniper switches we can use MCT or Virtual Chassis) Virtual Chassis is preferred over MCT due to ease of configuration and management.

Do we have some documents (step by step) link to configure and best practice guide for cluster of SLX switches..

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Truyen Phan
Hi Deepak,

MCT configuration is fairly straight forward and EFA is not necessary.

You can find more information for MCT in the below documentation, starting page 91.