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 ap 170 wont upgrade need newer fm?

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rb1982 posted 04-02-2021 16:28

i need firmware for ap170 that wont upgrade themselves and keep saying "update failed" im using 6.5r4 & 6.5r13 currently over 6x devices... thanks for your help in advance!

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btw i dont see the downloads section everyone speaks of :-|

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Sam Pirok

Hello, the downloads section is on the portal at extremeportal.force.com. You’d need to log in to access the downloads section there. I’ve also emailed you with instructions on how to get firmware for your AP 170. That said, you should be able to update using the XIQ interface with any firmware of 6.5r3 or later, so I’m not sure new firmware versions will help your issue.

I’d recommend checking that you have the correct ports open on your firewall and any content filters you may have. You can find a list of ports you need to allow for XIQ by logging in to your XIQ instance> Click on the silhouette icon in the top right corner next to your name> About ExtremeCloud IQ> Click on the link next to Firewall Configuration Guide to see the ports you need to allow specifically for the regional data center you’re using currently.